Application withdrawn

ARTC formally withdrew its proposed variation to include the Gap to Turrawan Segments on 20 February 2014. In its letter to the ACCC, ARTC indicated that it would continue consultation with the ACCC and stakeholders with the intention of submitting a revised variation application in the near future. 

Consultation paper

The ACCC issued a consultation paper calling for submissions on ARTC's application to vary the HVAU to include the characteristics of the Final Indicative Service and associated access charges. The ACCC also requested further information from ARTC.

Position paper

The ACCC has issued a position paper setting out its preliminary views on ARTC's application to extend the coverage of the HVAU to include Segments from Gap to Turrawan. The ACCC has also published a consultant's report by Marsden Jacob Associates reviewing the Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost (DORC) valuation that was proposed by ARTC.

Final decision

The ACCC made a final decision to consent to ARTC's proposal to extend the coverage of its existing undertaking to include the Southern Sydney Freight Line and associated indicative access charge.