Door to door

Wujal Wujal community puts door-to-door traders on notice

An Australia-first community partnership was launched in Wujal Wujal with the unveiling of roadside signage designed to minimise consumer harm from unlawful door-to-door trade.

The signage, placed on both entrances into the Far North Queensland Indigenous community, reminds door-to-door traders they have legal obligations to consumers and can’t approach houses displaying do-not-knock notices.  It is also hoped that the signage helps to empower Wujal Wujal residents to understand and assert their rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Lux ordered to pay $370,000 penalty for unconscionable conduct

The Federal Court has ordered Lux Distributors Pty Ltd (Lux) pay pecuniary penalties totalling $370,000 for engaging in unconscionable conduct, in proceedings brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The Court’s orders follow declarations by the Full Court of the Federal Court in August 2013 that Lux had engaged in unconscionable conduct when selling vacuum cleaners to three elderly women.

Door to door - do not knock sign

The ACCC has produced this sticker to help you avoid unwanted door to door selling.

Door to door - door hanger

The ACCC has produced this door hanger to help you avoid unwanted door to door selling.

Door to door sales - a guide for consumers

When you buy goods and services from a door to door sales agent, you have rights under law.

Consumer's guide to door to door sales brochure

You have legal rights when dealing with sales agents at your door. If what’s on offer is valued at over $100 (or the value can’t be determined when the offer is made), the agent must follow rules.