Internet Activity Record Keeping Rule (RKR)

Project overview


The ACCC is intending to undertake collection and analysis of internet activity data through a new Internet Activity Record Keeping Rule (RKR), under Section 151BU of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), from the December 2018 reporting period onwards. This follows a decision by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to discontinue producing its current Internet Activity Survey (IAS), with the June 2018 IAS being the final iteration.

The information and data collected under the proposed RKR will be used to inform the regulatory processes that fall under Part XIB and Part XIC of the CCA.

The ACCC will use information and data from the proposed RKR to inform its reports to the Minister for Communications on competitive safeguards within the Australian telecommunications industry under subsection 151CL(1) of the CCA, and to assist with reporting on prices paid by consumers for telecommunications services under subsection 151CM(1)(a) of the CCA.

The ACCC will also periodically release aggregate level internet activity metrics, based on the data gathered from the RKR. This output, to be made available on the ACCC website, will seek to inform the general public, industry, government agencies and other users about internet activity in Australia.


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