4 September 2014

ACCC approves changes to Emerald’s wheat port access undertaking

The ACCC has consented to Emerald Logistics Pty Ltd’s application to extend and vary its 2013 wheat Port Terminal Services Access Undertaking. The 2013 Undertaking governs access to port terminal services at Melbourne Port Terminal and is currently set to expire on 30 September 2014.
27 August 2014

ACCC proposes to authorise joint tendering for organic waste processing services by MWMG and five Melbourne Councils

The ACCC proposes to authorise the Metropolitan Waste Management Group on behalf of itself and five metropolitan Melbourne councils (Knox City Council, Maroondah City Council, Yarra Ranges Shire Council, Manningham City Council and Whitehorse City Council) to undertake a joint tender and contract process for the supply of organic waste processing services.
27 August 2014

ACCC proposes to re-authorise certification, suspension and termination of membership provisions Consumer Electronic Clearing System rules

ACCC has issued a draft determination proposing to re-authorise those provisions of the Australian Payments Clearing Association’s Consumer Electronic Clearing System regulations.
27 August 2014

ACCC proposes to authorise Tabcorp & TAB’s international pooling arrangements

The ACCC has issued a draft determination proposing to grant authorisation to Tabcorp and TAB in relation to international pooling arrangements with overseas wagering operators and Premier Gateway International to allow for the transmission of bets by overseas punters into Tabcorp totalisator pools and the transmission of bets by Australian punters into overseas pools.
27 August 2014

ACCC re-authorises ATM sub-network fee free agreement

The ACCC has re-authorised current and future FeeSmart Network members to agree not to directly charge each other’s cardholders for ATM transactions undertaken at ATMs owned by other members of the FeeSmart Network.
27 August 2014

Infinity cables frequently asked questions

Eighteen electrical retailers and wholesalers recalled Infinity electrical cables due to safety concerns on 27 August 2014.Our frequently asked questions provide detailed information about the recalled cables.
21 August 2014

ACCC authorises coordination of coal transportation

The ACCC has granted authorisation to Rio Tinto Coal Australia, Peabody Energy, and Pacific National to coordinate operational arrangements relating to the transportation of coal for export through the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, to seek to capture greater throughput efficiency.
20 August 2014

Consumer resources for people with a disability

The ACCC has released an educational package for consumers with disabilities. Including a collection of online resources, a scam alert and educational video, the package is designed to help disability consumers be alert to potential scams and understand and exercise their consumer rights.
14 August 2014

ACCC Shopper App updated

We’ve launched an updated version of our popular Shopper App with a new design and a number of improvements.
14 August 2014

ACCC allows Catholic health providers to collectively bargain with Funding Organisations and suppliers

The ACCC has granted authorisation to the Catholic Negotiating Alliance (CNA), a network of nine hospital and aged care service providers, to collectively negotiate with Funding Organisations (including private health funds) and suppliers of various goods and services.