Highly toxic novelty item recalled: Consumers warned

15 December 2006

A highly toxic novelty seed product has been detected on the Australian market, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, warned today.

"Called Message in a Bottle, the product is a glass container which includes about 12 highly coloured, small red-and-black seeds which have been identified as Abrus precatorius*.

"The seeds are described as highly toxic and capable of causing death if ingested.

"About 9,000 units of the product were imported and sold through small retail outlets and discount stores nationally.

"A national recall of the product is being conducted.

"But because of the highly toxic nature of the product it essential consumers are warned of the dangers associated with the seeds.

"Do not open the bottle nor handle the seeds", Mr Samuel said.

Release number: 
MR 313/06
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