Domino's to correct 'fresh dough' claims

20 December 2006

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd has corrected claims in its advertising brochures after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission raised concerns that a representation in its Australian's Most Popular Pizza advertisement may have misled consumers.

"Domino's recently made the claim in its promotional material that all its dough used for its pizza bases was made fresh daily in its local stores", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said.

"The ACCC raised concerns with Domino's about the accuracy of this claim after it became aware that not all Domino's dough was made fresh daily in its stores.

"Whilst Domino's 'Classic' and 'Pan' pizza bases, representing, on average, 78 per cent of all bases sold by Domino's, are made fresh daily by Domino's in its stores, Domino's 'Thin 'n' Crispy' pizza bases are made off the premises and delivered snap-frozen to each local store".

Domino's has cooperated with the ACCC and has responded promptly to alleviate the concerns in relation to this matter.

Domino's has agreed to publish a corrective advertisement in a major newspaper in each State and Territory of Australia in order to ensure that consumers are not confused about the freshness of Domino's pizza dough.

"It is imperative that traders ensure the accuracy of all promotional material before publication, in order to safeguard against the detrimental effects that erroneous representations may have on consumers", Mr Samuel said.

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MR 317/06
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