Internet & phone

When buying internet and phone products and services, it helps to be aware of the latest consumer advice and follow tips to protect your rights

Internet & phone services

Internet services vary according to your location and the type of connection you have. Shop around for a contract that fits your needs and budget.

Choosing a mobile plan

Consumers have rights when shopping for mobile phone services. When choosing a phone provider you need to consider your usage patterns and compare prices and contracts.

Included value in mobile plans

When choosing or renewing your mobile phone plan, there are a few things to look out for when comparing included value.

Managing your data usage

Many mobile phone plans now offer data allowances that you can use on your phone to do things like browse the internet, send and receive email, and use other applications, like GPS, twitter and Facebook. Using such services can be useful and convenient, but it can also end up being expensive if you use them too much.

Monitoring broadband performance

Our broadband monitoring program will help provide consumers with accurate, independent and comparable information about broadband speeds and performance. We're currently working with our testing provider SamKnows to rollout Whiteboxes around Australia.

Broadband performance data

Our Measuring Broadband Australia program gives you information on the real world performance of broadband plans. We will be publishing updates to this page every quarter.

Unauthorised transfer of phone & internet services

Unauthorised transfers occur when consumers are switched from one service provider to another without their informed consent.

Using your mobile overseas

Most phone companies allow you to use your mobile phone when travelling overseas. This service is known as ‘international roaming’.

In-app purchases

Avoid unexpected bills by knowing how to prevent unauthorised in-app purchases on your smartphone or tablet.