Our new website - transcript

Published: 25 February 2013

Summary: Chairman Rod Sims welcomes you to our new website.


Hello and welcome to the new ACCC website.

We’ve been listening to what people want from our website – information that they can find quickly and easily, and tailored to their specific needs.

This feedback guided the restructure of our website into three core areas: Australian consumers, business and regulated infrastructure.

We have organised the information for each group under key headings.

For consumers, this includes consumer rights, how to make a complaint and consumer protection.

Businesses, both large and small, are interested in information that allows them to advertise and promote their business, treat customers fairly, avoid anti-competitive behaviour, and apply for relevant exemptions.

And for regulated industries, we explain the role of the ACCC and provide information for each sector, including water, energy, rail and communications.

Our new website incorporates government standards on accessibility, so that all Australians have the same level of access to ACCC information and services.

As the digital age develops, we need to stay up to date with the enormous benefits it offers. We are now on Facebook and Twitter to give people quick information updates.

And we have a variety of applications that can be used on smart phones. As the technology improves, our new website positions us to take advantage of these changes.

I hope you will look around our website and find it useful.