Chairman Rod Sims welcomes you to the ACCC Tiwi Facebook page - transcript

Published: 27 February 2013

Summary: Chairman Rod Sims welcomes you to the ACCC Tiwi Facebook page.


Hello Tiwi Islands

My name is Rod and I am the Chairman of the ACCC.

I’d love to be with you in Tiwi Islands today to help launch the ACCC - Your Rights Mob Tiwi Islands Facebook Page. Instead, I’m stuck in chilly Melbourne waiting for the footy season to start again.

We hope that this page will be a place for Tiwi people to talk openly about their consumer rights.

Don’t feel shame, feel free to ask any questions that you might have by wall post or private message and we will write back to you as soon as we can.

We are here to help Tiwi Islanders understand and use their consumer rights.

We also hope that you will enjoy our short films. I’d like to thank the Tiwi Islands community and personally thank the actors for helping us make these films. The Tiwi Islands look absolutely beautiful and I hope to visit there one day.

I would also encourage you to share this page with your friends and families. The best way to do this is by “liking” the page.

Finally, I wish the Tiwi Bombers good luck in their quest to win back to back flags. I’m normally a Hawks supporter, so I feel a bit strange wearing red and black. But I’m proud to wear the Tiwi Bombers jumper. Bombs away! Boom!